was at his busiest; and little he spake in hall or chamber,

Immortal Beautyhealth2023-11-30 21:42:29 2363 13

Their doming curtains, high, magnificent,

was at his busiest; and little he spake in hall or chamber,

Aw'd from the throne aloof;- and when storm-rent

was at his busiest; and little he spake in hall or chamber,

Disclos'd the thunder-gloomings in Jove's air;

was at his busiest; and little he spake in hall or chamber,

But sooth'd as now, flash'd sudden everywhere,

Noiseless, sub-marine cloudlets, glittering

Death to a human eye: for there did spring

From natural west, and east, and south, and north,

A light as of four sunsets, blazing forth



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