But when the sun was getting low she roused herself and

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The Constitution of the United States is that part of the book at the end which nobody reads.

But when the sun was getting low she roused herself and

And here she rises once more and untimely. There should be a limit to public-school instruction; it cannot be wise or well to let the young find out everything:

But when the sun was getting low she roused herself and

Congress is divided into civilized half civilized and savage.

But when the sun was getting low she roused herself and

Here are some results of study in music and oratory:

An interval in music is the distance on the keyboard from one piano to the next. A rest means you are not to sing it. Emphasis is putting more distress on one word than another.

The chapter on "Physiology" contains much that ought not to be lost to science: Physillogigy is to study about your bones stummick and vertebry. Occupations which are injurious to health are cabolic acid gas which is impure blood. We have an upper and lower skin. The lower skin moves all the time and the upper skin moves when we do. The body is mostly composed of water and about one half is avaricious tissue. The stomach is a small pear-shaped bone situated in the body. The gastric juice keeps the bones from creaking. The Chyle flows up the middle of the backbone and reaches the heart where it meets the oxygen and is purified. The salivary glands are used to salivate the body. In the stomach starch is changed to cane sugar and cane sugar to sugar cane. The olfactory nerve enters the cavity of the orbit and is developed into the special sense of hearing. The growth of a tooth begins in the back of the mouth and extends to the stomach. If we were on a railroad track and a train was coming the train would deafen our ears so that we couldn't see to get off the track.

If, up to this point, none of my quotations have added flavor to the Johnsonian anecdote at the head of this article, let us make another attempt:

The theory that intuitive truths are discovered by the light of nature originated from St. John's interpretation of a passage in the Gospel of Plato. The weight of the earth is found by comparing a mass of known lead with that of a mass of unknown lead. To find the weight of the earth take the length of a degree on a meridian and multiply by 6 1/2 pounds. The spheres are to each other as the squares of their homologous sides. A body will go just as far in the first second as the body will go plus the force of gravity and that's equal to twice what the body will go. Specific gravity is the weight to be compared weight of an equal volume of or that is the weight of a body compared with the weight of an equal volume. The law of fluid pressure divide the different forms of organized bodies by the form of attraction and the number increased will be the form. Inertia is that property of bodies by virtue of which it cannot change its own condition of rest or motion. In other words it is the negative quality of passiveness either in recoverable latency or insipient latescence.



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